2 comments on “This Stuff is Hard

  1. Hey mick.

    A little bit of history first. If you would look at me, in no way you would say I’m overweight (5 feet 7 inches and 147 pounds), but three years ago my father (who looked fine from the outside) passed away from a heart attack at the age 60. Since them, I’ve consulted with a cardiologist and done a couple of exams and they did not look good (not terrible, but nowhere near where they should be at around 30 years). Turns out it doesn’t matter if you don’t indulge too much in fat, your body can produce bad cholesterol if you don’t exercise regularly. My doctor suggested medications, healthier food and regular exercise (at least two times a week).
    I’ve got one good thing going on for me which is that I cook my own food most of the time (it’s my secondary hobby – cooking) so I can control the amount of fat and vegetables I eat, but the exercise thing was really bad.
    Now, I’m an avid gamer (playing HotS right now so you know how I reached this blog) and in order to try to exercise more, I’ve made a deal with myself: I would not allow myself to play hots if I didn’t exercise that day or the day before. This way, if I wanted to keep playing almost every night, I would have to hit the gym every other day (at the time, it was another game but the same principle). I’ve found out that its called ‘temptation bundling’ and more info can be found on this podcast: http://freakonomics.com/podcast/when-willpower-isnt-enough-a-freakonomics-radio-rebroadcast/

    It’s been 2 years now and it’s been working great (while I still hate going to the gym, I know I have to in order to keep playing). Also, by going to the gym, I had to look for more podcasts and that’s when I’ve found Stormcast =)

    Anyway, try to not lose motivation and you might want to try it yourself

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